God, it’s Cold

Aaaaaaanndd…. That’s Freshers Fortnight over! Thank you to everyone who attended our events these past two weeks, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and are settling in nicely for the year ahead of you.

If you guys have any suggestions for events you’d like to see us run in the future, make good use of our suggestion form: https://goo.gl/forms/Xj8cuBrIbW09VKRj1 (If you’d like to suggest other things, such as board games and books we could acquire, you can find other suggestion forms on our website!)

I’m aware that many of you are eager to run or join an RPG campaign, if you’re interested in doing either sign yourself up on our campaign sheet here: https://docs.google.com/…/1-33QqlzEK_JbHK_gNwGz_NRClp…/edit…

FILM NIGHT The Conjuring 2, Monday 15th October, 18:00 – 21:00, Chadwick B05
Ghosts? Demons? Creepy Nuns? We start our trilogy of October Horror Movie film nights where we try to uncover the spookiest thing of them all – the end of the Piccadilly line.
Every Monday during term we watch a film as a society. The film we’re showing this week is James Wan’s masterpiece in Horror “The Conjuring 2”. You do not need to see the first one to understand this one.

BOARD GAMES, Wednesday 17th October, 18:00 – 21:00, Foster Court 215
Come along to our weekly boardgames sessions; from rookie to veteran, all levels of board game experience are welcome.
If you’d like to play a specific boardgame on the night, be sure to request it from Jo Winter!

PUB QUIZ, Thursday 18th October, 19:00 – 21:30, IOE W2.05
Think of yourself an expert in The Lord of the Rings? How about a savant at The Simpsons? An obsessive Potterhead who couldn’t sleep without the soothing voice of Jim Dale?
Whether you are an authority on Douglas Adams or if you can’t differentiate your Tony from your Robb Starks, give the UCL Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society Pub Quiz a try, where a variety of questions from the realms of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Nerd-Adjacent and even general knowledge will be asked.
Teams will be made at the event, you don’t need to know anybody to compete.
Not the most traditional pub quiz, we made it more Game Show-y and hopefully more fun.

BOOK CLUB, Friday 19th October, 18:00 – 20:00, Dillon’s Coffee (in Gower Street Waterstones)
This week’s reading is a short sci-fi story about religion: ‘The Way of Cross and Dragon’ by George R. R. Martin http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/…/the-way-of-cross-and-d…/

FILM NIGHT Truth or Dare, Monday 22nd October, 18:00 – 21:00, Medical Sciences G46
Films based on video games? Horrible
Films based on board games? Even worse
Films based on party games? I guess it’s in the public domain.
Every Monday during term we watch a film as a society. The second in our three film Horror Movie trilogy (Thrillogy?) is so-bad-it’s-laughable film Truth of Dare? Based on the party game of the same name.
If you enjoy the game, you may enjoy the film?

UCL SFFS Website
Our beautiful multifaceted website is a thing of wonder. It contains everything you need concerning the society: a lovely google calendar, a list of the boardgames, books, and RPG materials we own and can lend out, our forum, and even some suggestion forms!

UCL SFFS Instagram
Check out our posts and story!

UCL SFFS Discord Server
Use our discord server to chat with other members about video game-y matters!

If you ever want to send us an email, please do so here: su-scifi.society@ucl.ac.uk
And of course if you ever have an enquiry for a specific member of the committee, you can always contact us through Facebook messenger.

This section is for members to advertise events they are running independently of the committee for members of the society, if there’s something you wish to have advertised in this section just contact me!

– Hannah, Master of All Four Elements and the Hounder of UCL Estates

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