The management and organisation of UCL Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society is performed by a Committee of seven officers.  We are each bound to our roles by the official Society Constitution as voted for by our membership, which you may read here:- UCL SFFS Constitution 2018 to 2019

This academic year, the Committee of seven consists of the following souls…

President: Hannah Jones
Responsibilities: herding the rest of the committee, generally being in-charge, acting as the face of the Society and facing the harrowing business of booking rooms.

Treasurer: Lewis Iain
Responsibilities: the money, the buying of board games in a fair and wise manner, management of the Society accounts.

Librarian: Andrea Petrou
Responsibilities: taking notes at major Society meetings (mainly the Annual General Meeting and board game purchase orders), and managing the Society library.

Game Master: Jo Winter
Responsibilities: organising board game and wargaming events.

Roleplaying Game Master: Logan Forth
Responsibilities: organising roleplaying events.

Event Master: Joseph Hadaway
Responsibilities: organising film night and RPG events, and other miscellaneous monthly or termly events, such as Karaoke or parties.

Webmaster: Kari Clark
Responsibilities: managing the online presence of the Society, including the Facebook Group, Groupspaces Site and Society Website.