It is currently Election season for the Society!

In the event that you were unable to come on Monday to the Hustings, you can watch them here instead! https://youtu.be/T0qhlmRdrgo

For each position, each candidate gave a 2 minute pitch, and then there was a Q&A for all candidates.

You can also find Patrick’s video for President here (the Hustings recording wasn’t very good): https://youtu.be/zMqfqCOCuWg

Voting is performed by voting in order of preference.  If a position is unfilled after voting there will be a further election to fill the position, either done at the AGM or a later EGM.  You can only cast votes until midday on Friday 22nd March, so get on this quick!

For President:- Patrick Schraeder-Bidwell, Fagin Hales, Michael Fleetwood-Walker

Vote for your new President here!

For Treasurer: Emily Walsh, Michael Fleetwood-Walker

Vote for your new Treasurer here!

For Secretary: Lewis Moffat, Emily Walsh

Vote for your new Secretary here!

For Board Games Master: Patrick Schraeder-Bidwell

Vote for your new Board Games Master here!

For Roleplaying Games Master: Harry Knight, Hollie Wardle, Ferenc Zavecz

Vote for your new Roleplaying Games Master here!

For Events Officer: Alexandra Dewing

Vote for your new Events Officer here!

For Webmaster: Harry Knight

Vote for your new Webmaster here!